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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  November 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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morning, maybe hang down to the beach and then go vote. great weather, lots of sunshine, one more day of some heat. a few records too and then big changes coming up. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> surfing and voting. a little bit of everything. very quiet at this time of the morning. roadwork northbound 101 towards the wald tunnel. more on that in a few minutes. the candidates have been talking for months. today is election day and the voters all across this great country are getting their say. they are deciding between barack obama and mitt romney in the presidential election. we have reporters covering both candidates. randall pinkston is with mitt romney in boston and bigad shaban is in the president's home city of chicago. reporter: president obama is spending election day in chicago.
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he cast his ballot there during early voting almost two weeks ago. the president wrapped up his campaign in des moines last night just steps away from his iowa headquarters during his first presidential bid in 2008. president obama made one final plea for votes in the critical battleground state. >> after all the months of campaigning, after all the rallies, after the millions of dollars of ads, it all comes down to you. it's out of my hands. >> reporter: president obama plans to continue his election day tradition of playing basketball with friends. i'm bigad shaban in chicago. i'm randall pinkston in boston. underscoring just how close this election is expected to be, the first town of the nation to vote ended in a tie. >> this has never happened before in dixville. we have a tie. >> reporter: dixville notch
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gave 5 votes to each, president obama and mitt romney. romney will vote and then hit the campaign trail rallying supporters in cleveland and pittsburg to get them out to the polls. romney said momentum is on his side. >> these last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength of a real movement across this country. >> yes, sir! >> it's evident by the size of these crowds like this tonight, my goodness. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: romney says he will deliver the change the president promised but failed to do. randall pinkston, cbs news. boston. well, often overshadowed by the race for the white house the battle over control of the u.s. senate. democrats currently holding a 51-47 edge over the republicans with two independents caucusing with the democrats. now, the race to watch include the bay state, massachusetts, where polls show republican incumbent scott brown in a close race with his democratic challenger elizabeth warren and in indiana claire mccast cell facing a tough challenge from
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republican richard mourdock despite his comments a few weeks ago about rape. in all 33 senate seats run for grabs with races in several states that can really go either way. several states have ballot propositions dealing with controversial social issues. four states have measures dealing with immigration, marijuana-related measures will be decided in six states, and three states have propositions dealing with same-sex marriage. the polls open in california a little more than two hours from now and many people have already voted by mail. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the alameda county registrar of voters where i imagine it's going to be busy in a couple of hours. >> reporter: that's what we're hoping for. you did mention a lot of them put it in by mail. half of all california voters are expected to vote by mail. that's an 8% increase from last year. but in terms of coming in person, take a look. yesterday we did see that steady stream of voters at the polls yesterday. several were anxious to get their ballots in ahead of time.
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in fact, about 800,000 bay area voters won't be at the polls today and that's because they have already cast their ballot -- or cast their vote roughly the size of san francisco. one of the main reasons voters came to the polls early, they told me it was because of their civic duty. >> believe it or not, this is my first time doing it. it's been a tough time for all of us as now and i feel like we need to vote. a lot of folks are like, oh, okay, whatever. no, it's not whatever. this is really important for all of us. >> reporter: final statewide voter information shows about 18.2 million or about 77% of eligible californians are registered to vote. and while this is a record high in the state, we still didn't see that same registration surge or last-minute surge that we saw back in 2008. now, we want to make note as we said earlier, polls will open at 7:00 this morning and if you are coming here to vote, you want to be sure you have your valid id here with you. if you have a mail-in ballot
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it's too late to mail it in. you want to bring it to a polling place or registrar's office. cate caugiran, cbs 5. 4:35 now. it's believed more than a half billion dollars has been spent in campaigns right here in california. the "l.a. times" says this election will rank among the top in state history for campaign spending even without the governor's office or other state races in play. plenty of money has gone into ballot measures, campaigns, congressional races and bids for state senate and assembly seats. two wealthy california siblings are digging very deep into their pockets to make sure their ballot initiatives win. charles munger pumped tens of millions of dollars into supporting prop 32 to stop unions from using payroll deduction funds for political purposes and his sister molly spent $47 million supporting prop 38 which would raise taxes for education. perhaps the hottest
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statewide issue in california is proposition 30. governor brown's plan for temporary tax hikes to reduce the state deficit. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington has more on the last- minute push. >> reporter: governor brown has spent the final days before the election traveling up and down the state. he has been trying to shore up support for prop 30 which recently dipped below 50% in the polls. here he is at a rally in san francisco. >> keep the california dream alive, yes on 30! thanks! [ applause and cheers ] >> >> reporter: proposition 30 calls for a 7-year hike on income taxes for those who earn more than a quarter million dollars per year. it would also raise the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years. it would bring in an estimated $6 billion a year. if prop 30 loses, it would trigger automatic deep spending cuts to k through 12 schools, community colleges and state universities. >> i have worked hard and told the truth. i have leveled with the people. when i ran for governor, i said
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i would ask the people if they wanted to raise taxes, if they thought it was important. we're asking the people. and whatever they say, i'll carry it out. >> reporter: some opponents against prop 30 argue that californians are already paying high enough taxes and that there is no guarantee where that money would go. as of this morning, prop 30 is polling higher than proposition 38 which is also designed to get funding for education. prop 38 would increase income taxes on a sliding scale. in the newsroom, elissa harrington, cbs 5. there are several other key measures on your statewide ballot today. prop 32 calling for more restrictions on political contributions by labor unions. they would not able to use money from members' payroll deductions. prop 34 would repeal california's little-used death penalty. the maximum punishment in the state would be life in prison without parole. supporters say the legal procedures for capital punishment have been too costly. it's been years since anyone in the state has been executed.
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plop 36 is another crime and punishment measure revising california's "three strikes" law to impose a life sentence only when the third felony conviction is for a serious or violent crime. and then prop 37 takes on the issue of food. it would require companies to put special labels on raw or processed foods that are made from genetically altered plants or animals. be sure and stay here with cbs 5 for the up-to-the-minute campaign 2012 results. we have special live coverage starting this afternoon at 4:00. we'll also stream results live on we would like to ask you a question today. so what would you like to know, what issue is driving you to the polls on this election day? you can comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at and we'll share your thoughts later in the program. there are a lot of big issues this voting season. we're talking all things politics but we cannot forget weather. >> weather is a big factor.
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we have a gorgeous day. >> we are hoping people don't like the weather too much today so they can get off the beach and head indoors and vote. it looks like another spectacular day outside. the possibility of a few more records starting out clear. we have a couple of patches of ground fog showing up in the north bay valleys. temperatures all over the map this morning. 61 degrees and very mild into san francisco. 51 degrees, 10 degrees cooler in livermore. 50 in santa rosa where they are seeing fog. plenty of sunshine one more day with the possibility of some record-breaking heat. some of these numbers by the afternoon again going to be very, very impressive even if they don't break the record but here's some of the records for this date. doesn't look like we are going to break records everywhere just a couple of spots possible in redwood city. you could see a record there and possibly into san jose. they may peak the heat at 81 degrees. if that happens that will be a record but there's some much cooler weather on the way maybe more rain. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> could make the back half of the workweek interesting on the
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roads. for right now though as lawrence said it's dry and easy breezy crossing the bay bridge anyway. no delay, no metering lights. you can see those headlights right now heading towards the pay gates and it continues to move well across the upper deck into the city. elsewhere, to our maps, we have some areas of overnight roadwork. few new spots that ramp closure hasn't been in effect in a while. we are seeing it again on that ramp from northbound 280 to southbound 101. and we are actually seeing a few brake lights on our traffic sensors up 280 heading into san francisco. also, once again we have that full freeway closure all lanes blocked eastbound 4 approaching loveridge in antioch. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:40. cover up? san francisco taking another step towards banning public nudity. >> plus, a principal knew about sexual abuse and didn't report it. what's going to happen to her now that the jury found her guilty. >> and another round. the massive storm bearing down on the northeast this week. ,,
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but there's one on the way. a nor- easter is expected tt new york a just what the people who survived sands don't sandy don't need, another big store. but a nor'easter is expected to hit new york and new jersey tomorrow. there could be heavy rain and 60-mile-an-hour winds. and that would be a problem for crews trying to restore to a miami homes and businesses. -- to a million homes and businesses. more flooding may happen on the coast. new york and new jersey are trying to make sure victims of sandy are able to vote. people in both states are being allowed to cast ballots at any polling place. ballots are being distributed to some emergency shelters and shuttle buses are taking people to polling places. $30 for a gallon of gas? that's what's turning up on craigslist in new york and new jersey. but price gouging is illegal in both states. individuals selling gas can also get in trouble for failing to pay sales tax. lines are still long at many gas stations in areas hit hard
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by sandy. can't catch a break. >> getting cold there and they have a nor'easter working its way up. we have great weather for election day. >> we have great weather here. i wanted to add i was looking at some of those computer models on that nor'easter and looks like the core of the low may stay further off the coastline. if that happens that will keep most of the strong winds off the coast. they will get wet and more snow because it will be colder on back side but tough times on the eastern seaboard. here in the bay area clear start, patchy fog in the north bay right now. temperatures generally into the 50s although some 60s into san francisco. by this afternoon, we're enjoying that sunshine and maybe a few more records as these temperatures are running well above the average for this time of the year. even some 80s showing up again in some of the valleys. now, that ridge going to bring us one more day of some very incredible sunshine all the way to the coastline with those offshore winds but we may feel the influence of the sea breeze late in the day and then things really change as we get into tomorrow. that ridge moves out of the way and much cooler air comes in
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our direction. for the most part the day looks good. late in the day in the afternoon low clouds and fog surge in along the coastline and then overnight we see some of that so the sea breeze returns. much cooler temperatures around the bay area and rain on thursday and friday. high country today looking good 68 in lake tahoe and sunny, 78 yosemite. around the bay warm. 81 in san jose. 79 in mountain view. 75 degrees in pacifica but again you'll hit those temperatures early on and then by the afternoon that sea breeze will kick in to cool you down. lots of 80s in the east bay. inside the bay 79 degrees in oakland, 77 in san francisco. and about 80 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days big changes on the way. chance of showers on thursday and friday. there's even a chance we could see some snow on our local mountaintops. that is how cool it will be. then things dry out on saturday morning then warmer temperatures on send. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you. and outside things look good on
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the roads so far if you are about to head off start your day heading off to work this morning. here's a live look at our milpitas camera. 880/237 coming around the bend on the westbound 237 ride, quiet. if you are continuing your drive up the nimitz toward the east bay, this is a closer look towards the oakland coliseum and as we made that drive everything is in the green so far so all our traffic sensors picking up speeds above 40 miles an hour. similar story traveling on westbound 580. you can see a few taillights making their way towards the dublin interchange. drive time 15 minutes between the altamont pass and pleasanton. you will find some roadwork in eastbound lanes of 580 through livermore scheduled to wrap up this morning but in the commute direction, all your major drives still look good include down the eastshore freeway. once again, westbound 580 clear. the nimitz and westbound 24 no delay heading out of orinda towards the caldecott into oakland. embassy where quick check of
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the south bay where we're seeing some roadwork sensors so there are various on- and off- ramps blocked on 880. otherwise, 280 through downtown and the guadalupe parkway are still moving at the limit. mass transit no delay for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:47 now. three workers at a daycare center in san rafael are under arrest following the death of an infant boy there. police arrested the owner of the magic place children's center and two of her employees yesterday afternoon. they were booked on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter. just two weeks ago a four-month- old boy died there. the coroner says he suffocated accidentally in his bedding. a san jose jury has found a former school principal guilty on the rare charge of failing to report suspected sexual abuse. lyn vijkayendran was convicted yesterday at the hall of justice. she was principal at o.b. whaley elementary school last year when an 8-year-old girl gave her vivid details about an
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incident involving a teacher. the judge citing her otherwise spotless record sentenced her to two years' probation and community service. >> she stuck her head in the sand when she should have been pulling the alarms. >> the teacher craig chandler is now charged with committing lewd acts on five children. he is in jail awaiting trial. that man accused of smashing the windshield of the muni bus after the giants world series win last week says he is sorry. 22-year-old gregory graniss asked for forgiveness from the public, who identified him after a social media manhunt. he pleaded not guilty to two felony counts yesterday. graniss says he is ashamed and hopes to make amends after the windshield was smashed other vandals setting fire to the bus. police are looking for the muni rider who tried to rob a hearing-impaired foreign exchange student. investigators say the man in the center and a second man pepper sprayed the student and tried to take his backpack. they were unsuccessful. both ran off the bus. police caught up with one of them. they are still looking for the
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man in the picture in the brown sport jacket. search-and-rescue teams in santa cruz county are continuing to look for a man missing since sunday. 75-year-old was last seen on sunday by friends at 8:45 a.m. he left a retreat affiliated with methodist church and may have gone on a hike alone. other witnesses told sheriff's deputies two hours later a man searching sliter's description was asking for directions. other bay area headlines we're following a man accused of murdering two people at the richmond/san rafael toll plaza has confessed. nathan burris is representing himself at trial in martinez. yesterday during cross- examination, he said, quote, i did it, so what? he allegedly gunned down his ex- girlfriend and her friend in a previous year. if convicted he could get the death penalty. a supervisors committee
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unanimously approved a nudity ban in san francisco. if approved, fines are start at $100. nudity will be allowed in street fairs. united food and commercial workers union are upset over cuts and benefits in pay but workers are more worried about what happens after the strike. >> it's scary. not knowing if the strike is going to last long or if i'm even doing have a job when i go back. >> the company argues the only changes are a two-year wage freeze and elimination of bonus pay for holidays and sundays. some wall street analysts say the economy will improve over the next four years no matter who wins today's presidential election. that's because consumers are spending more, home prices are rising and banks are beginning
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to lend more freely to businesses and individuals. some economists predict economic growth of 2% next year and then a doubling to 4% in 2014 and 2015. if you bought shares of immediately right after the last presidential election, you made a hefty profit. the travel deal website is the best performing stock in the s&p 500 over the past four years. it's up more than 1,000%. >> son of a gun. >> i love william shatner, too. well, the new ipad mini is almost sold out. apple sold 3 million ipads of all sizes over the weekend, a record, twice as many as sold in march after the third generation ipad was released. apple is reportedly considering replacing intel chips in its mac personal computers with a chip it uses in the iphones and the ipads. apple began using intel chips for macs back in 2005 but now
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the company believes its own chip technology would work just as well. >> someone just got a new ipad mini. >> i did. i was in walnut creek. it's fabulous. just the right size. highly recommend it. 4:52 now. the results are in. the first presidential votes in new hampshire have been counted. >> plus, experience counts. why having a younger doctor could cost more. >> a very unusual place to say, i do. but a southern california couple hopes to be the very first, a venue they are fighting for and we are going to tell you why coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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another gorgeous day around the bay area. major changes coming, 70s and 80s outside, maybe rain later this week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> still quiet so far on this morning drive. here's a live look at 3 of our traffic cameras for you. the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge, we still have some
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areas of overnight roadwork out there. we'll break it all down for you. "timesaver traffic" coming up in just a little bit. thank you, liz. thank you, lawrence. 4:55 now. in your healthwatch this morning, everyone knows high blood pressure is bad. but new evidence suggests it may also be bad for your brain. researchers at uc-davis studied hypertension and prehypertensive people in their 40s and found aging accelerated. they found treating high blood pressure younger helps the brain later in life. more than half of the world's population is at risk for cardiovascular disease at some point in their lives according to a study out of northwestern university. research shows even people with no risk factors have a 30% chance of getting heart disease. that includes heart attacks, heart failure and strokes. the least experienced doctors spend the most amount of money apparently. researchers found that doctors with less than 10 years of
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experience spend 13% more time treating patients. one possible explanation may be that recently trained doctors may be more familiar with expensive new treatments or lack of experience and uncertainty makes them order more tests. hm. who knows? >> i know. of all the places you can get hitched that's one place you probably never have seen a wedding. and that's at the rose parade. lydia and angel are one of four couples fighting for a chance to get married on a float on new year's day in pasadena. the winner will get everything paid for plus two tickets to the game. the couple's wedding plans were put on hold after they took in lydia's niece. the young girl was being sent to the foster program. >> she's been such a great support. he said, you know, i'll support you 100% if you want to take her in. and so i think we have decided to go ahead with it and see how it works out. >> if you would like to see lydia and angel get married at the parade you can vote on
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farmers insurance homepage or their facebook page to get them hitched. >> got a lovely new home there, too. apparently. it is 4:57 right now. down to the wire. the presidential candidates' last-ditch pitch to woo voters l it carry the day? >> five symptoms, one day. this is no rock star. five stops, one day. what the governor warns will happen if his initiative doesn't pass. >> reporter: polls in california open in two hours. even though we have a record number of registered voters in this state, why 800,000 bay area voters won't be at the polls today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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